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  1. Mine seems to be sorted out now. I deleted the app via settings/usage/documents and data menu, then reinstalled; though whether this is what sorted it or what barlotti mentioned about loads of people I dunno. My data seemed fine, but I have to agree; this is a bit worrying. Think I'll pdf off my notes before the next update....
  2. Hi, I've been having similar issues. I'm using a Pogo stylus, and it seems to do fine of a few letters then starts losing text (letter disappears once stylus leaves screen), or I get page turns. worst one for me - as you get near the bottom of the page the four finger 'up' gesture seems to get triggered and the app-switcher kicks in at the bottom of the screen. Seems one way they could get round this is by supporting stylus's like Pogo connect etc - I also use Procreate and it works great in that.
  3. Me too - Same specs as above, same issue. I've given it 30mins or so but no change.
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