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  1. Hello all, new EN user here. I played around with EN for a few days and figured out how to use it for my needs. It took some time. I was a free user and because of my plans I paid for the premium account. So all good there. I'm scanning to a watched folder in hopes of getting the stacks on the desk reduced and I started thinking about the long term use which, after the initial upload, I believe the free account would suffice for my needs. In that case, if I'm scanning in PDF format, which is indexed as a premium user, what happens should I fall back to free? Would I lose the indexed PDF's already indexed by doing this (meaning the indexing is removed, not the note)? Might be a dumb question, but before I scan my files I want to know what I'm in for. If I do lose the index then I suppose PNG or JPG would be better on space. Thanks
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