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  1. A few bugs from what I can see: 1. I can't get the advanced search feature for "todo" to work. I purposely set up some checkboxes next to some items and left a few ones checked and left others alone. I typed "todo:*" in the search bar and nothing appears 2. I use the desktop version extensively. When I look up the same notes on the web version, it only shows me the titles of the notes but none of the content inside of it.
  2. I have been running Evernote on my MacBook Pro for about a month now and am plagued by constant hangs in the system, as if it's thinking. I will be in the midst of typing a sentence in EverNote and up comes the rotating rainbow ring letting me know something is happening behind the scenes and therefore anything I attempt to type goes nowhere. I attempted to change the settings to sync only once per hour, but it still hangs as if it's trying to sync somehow. Any thoughts? I tried contacting support and they asked me to try and reinstall the app, but I've done that several times so far and to no avail. Now I've turned off syncing completely (I set it to manual sync), but the app still attempted to sync. I'm not sure why this is happening, but perhaps it's a bug.
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