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  1. Hey guys, I am now starting to use Evernote as my archive for journalistic purposes - and for that I do have to sort my notes in a chronological order. But this order should not reflect the creation dates of the note but the publication date of the article I clipped. I cannot use something like 1 - , 2- ... because I need the actual publication date to see how stories unfolded. As of now I am putting ddmmyy for the publication date in front of the note title. It works for now but if there is one day a story with say 1xxx notes I will get lost because there is no way to sort the notes in order of the publication date. In my ideal word it would look something like this: 12.3.2013 Bad Thing A happens 13.3.2013 Responsible Person I reacts 14.3.2013 Thing A happens again 15.3.2013 Person I has to step down. Do you got any suggestions?
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