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  1. I am surprised that no one from Evernote has acknowledged that this is an issue or that they are working on a fix. I am positive they know there is an problem. Although Penultimate is not mission critical for me, working around this problem is definitely costing me money.
  2. Hi! I have been using Penultimate for years now, and although not perfect, the wrist protection has always worked fairly well ... Until the latest Penultimate update. Now Penultimate seems to randomly ignore my pen strokes or erases text. When this happens I can even lift my wrist off my iPad and it continues to ignore my input. The problem corrects if I make a few marks on another section of the page then go back to where I was originally writing. Then after a few words the problem repeats. I am using iOS7 and a Jot Flip for input. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  3. I agree viewing content is a poor experience now ... Also, having to open notes in a new window to get a "good" viewing experience is very annoying.
  4. I second that ... That was by far my favorite view ... Looks like it's gone.
  5. I am in the same boat ... It has been "Preparing Notebooks" for a couple hours.
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