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  1. I had he same issue and it was driving me nuts. I just got it working after taking the following steps. Keep in mind some subset of these might be the actual solution but since I don't know exactly I am including them all. I hope it helps. I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 - Safari 10.0.2 - Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.3 Uninstall web clipper Clear History Close all tabs individually Close Safari Open Safari Install web clipper from Evernote's site Click the web clipper button and log in Success
  2. My goal when I bought my chromebook recently was to use it almost exclusively when not on my machine at work. My needs have changed and I do less programming now and more writing and researching. I am very happy with it, working on and offline. The only place I really see a gap is in Evernote. The poster above who said this is an engineering problem is right, at this point this has to be more about business case and development schedule priority than technical problems. The Evernote developers are smart guys and have built a wonderful application that I love. All they need to do now is make selected parts of it available offline. I do not currently pay for the premium service, but I would gladly pay for premium to be able to do that on my chromebook. As it is now Google Docs could easily be used to fill the gap and that may be the way I have to wind up going.
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