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  1. Hi Evernote Sorting by title is quite important as it allows you to additionally declutter your notes in selected notebook or tag. But this ordinary "feature" behaves differently on Android and Windows as you can see in pic: For example "_" is under "[" on Windows while it's above on Android. Do you plan to make sorting identical for both platforms or at least to add "Reverse order" option on Android? Thanks RastyG
  2. Autocomplete works perfectly in Evernote Web Clipper while assigning tags. You can start with any (space delimited) word of tag name in order to be displayed. This helps user to assign tag as quick as possible with no need to remember first x letters of the tag name. In Windows Evernote app autocomplete is dependent on properly typed first letters of tag name. If someone uses more structured tag names, this is absolutelly not effective assigning.
  3. Note attachment (e.g. pdf) is stored locally (physically) in App\Profile\Databases\Attachments location of Windows Evernote App. Annotating of the file (e.g. in Adobe reader) followed by replacing of the file in the location is present / visible in the app as it is reading directly from App\Profile\Databases. The attachment containing (new) annotation is synched without any issues. Android Evernote app seems not to have such local database directory where attachments are stored physically. If it does, replacement of the attachment would do the job I suppose.
  4. There's sometimes need to see content of related notebook of actually displayed note (in situations when note is not displayed from notebook itself). It would be great to have possibility to jump there using a context menu or SHIFT/CTRL/ALT click on related notebook in displayed note.
  5. Thanks cdissler. This really does the trick! There's only one downside, the task list is almost on the bottom of the left pane and usually scrolling is needed.
  6. Hello Evernote team Number of cathegorization levels is very limited in Evernote. I can see tagging as the only one manner to substitute at least one more level for cathegorization. But this manner is not very practical if there is need to scrool down all possible tags when trying to filter notes in selected notebook and to "enter another cathegorization level". This would become more usable if "tags menu" showed only tags that are available for selected notebook as shown in picture. Would such feature be possible in future in Evernote? Thanks RastyG
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