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  1. I wonder if there is a way to export the Hello contacts or to edit the one already sync'ed in Evernote. I have thousands of them. They are now sync'ed with Evernote, but that means I will never be able to edit them again after Hello shuts down. Transferring them to contacts does not help. I need to do that one by one, which means it will take forever. Doing so does not transfer the business card's image. Also, I still want to keep all my contacts in Evernote. I find very upsetting that nobody in Evernote seems to care about this. I am sure it would not take much to find a way to export all info from Hello to somewhere else so we can take back our own data (I repeat Evernote, this is OUR OWN DATA). I find even more disappointing that this is the third post I write and nobody from Evernote seems to care to reply.
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