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  1. Through a stroke of luck (and @staceyharmon) I have been able to contact EN support. They have an activity log off my phone now so if they can fix the issue, I will post the steps here.
  2. Apparently the crash on launch issue was well known in 8.0, but I have it with 8.1. Nothing Apple can suggest resolves the problem and there is absolutely no support from EN. @evernotehelps is never monitoring issues, tickets submitted for help have gone unanswered and live is never open when they say they are. I, sadly, now fall into the category of "past customers". It sure was love while it lasted.
  3. EN 8.1 crashes on launch on a new iPhone 6 plus. Everything possible has been tried to no avail. And no help from EN support or @evernotehelps. I've started migrating off the program, sadly. But I have no choice. After a week and endless hours I know now this is a dead end street. It sure was love while it lasted.
  4. I've got a new iphone 6plus, installed EN from the app store, crashes on launch. Uninstalled dozens of times, had Apple reset the phone, nothing. Went to the twitter feed where the help tech are supposed to be active, they are not, nothing there. Submitting a ticket, nothing. Just twisting in circles, migration off EN is the only solution for me. Adios EN.
  5. Oh, didn't realize that. So, I have v8.1 since I just installed it, but it still crashes.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but I just installed EN from the App store so isn't this the latest version? If not, how do I upgrade since the program won't stay open??
  7. Just installed EN on my new iPhone and discovered the crash on launch bug. This forum is awash with this issue yet EN says it is fixed. I followed all their instructions to no avail. Great! Another app that wasn't tested and doesn't work.
  8. Same issue with iOS. Followed the instruction, re-installed several times, turned the phone off back on re-installed, still crashes. Great! Now I have to check back to this forum?? What a pain. Hey EN, put down the nerf basketballs and get this fixed.
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