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  1. Well, I went to check the memory in settings, and it said the internal memory was fine (at least 50% available), but the SD card was "unavailable." I popped in the SD card from my old phone (32 gb) and it works fine and says there's 29gb available, so the other one obviously was not full. I think it must have gone bad- it wasn't that old so I'm going to see if Target will exchange it.
  2. I have been using EN just fine on my phone, and then after I saved a note and just went back to add something, all of a sudden it's giving me this error message. "Evernote requires Memory card- Please insert a memory card before using Evernote." I DO have a memory card, and it's in the phone, and its been working just fine all along. I did everything I can think of- rebooted teh phone, took out the battery and popped back in, took out the sd card and popped back in- multiple times. BTW, I never (intentionally) moved EN to the SD card- I just used it however it automatically installs. Anyone have ideas? Thanks. BTW- Droid Inredible 6300 phone.
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