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  1. Suggest that you check out the filter control (notebook and tags) that appears directly over the note list.Tap on the "tag" icon on the right-hand side, and you get a dropdown tag selector that does auto-complete. Select one, and you get another dropdown that appears to filter out tags that don't apply (since they don't appear in combination with any prior tags used). If you're doing simple filtering of tags/notebook, you can do it all right there. Yep, aware of that option but as I stated I would like to see the auto-complete feature work in the search bar so complex filter and searches cab be combined into single statements as described in JMichael's response. If you do a lot of searching in google search or gmail with this same feature it quickly proves to be an immensely valuable.
  2. Maybe there is an option or this is in the roadmap already but when doing a search via the search bar in Windows I would love to see tags auto-complete. I know this can be done with doing a tag search but it is cumbersome switching between both elements when doing a complex search. The search bar already suggests saved searches as you type but unless you know a tag intimately I will find myself not being able to recall if I had created a tag called "tax" or "taxes" previously unless my search brings back no results.
  3. I recently updated to v5 of Windows version of evernote and have to save I am pleasantly pleased to find the new search by tag value name (with auto-completion) feature is in production. I find this most useful when searching for groups of items sharing common tag values. I am unable to find any way though to negate a tag value in this search but maybe I am missing something. For example I use the method to tag some groups with a "archive" tag meaning I have completed any thing requiring action on this note. But when using the search by tag feature I see no way of creating a tag search query of "xxxxx yyyyy zzzzzz !archive". I know this can all be manually typed out in the search all notes field but this removes the benefits of the search by tag feature. :-(
  4. It would be really great if when typing out a tag value in a note search, if existing tags auto-completed to a list. For example if I was searching for notes tagged withe the word 'vacations' I might type 'tag:vac' and get a list of tags that existed with this prefix and can choose the right one without needing to guess if I had defined the tag as plural or not or needing to go back to all my tags to manually research what was defined. I understand I can use wildcards to avoid the suffix altogether but it seems this method also has the problem of picking up other like spelled tags that I do not want in my results. Thanks,
  5. I am sure this has been asked before but wanted to pass along my opinion also. I really struggle with the fact that both tags and notebook stacks have a depth limit of only 1. Maybe I am missing a critical part of how to best utilize the evernote label system but this seems like a silly limitation to me. I'll provide an example of how I have utilized other note systems in the past which I have personally found very useful. I like to categorize my notes into various subjects of which some categories I may refine those subjects into further sub-categories down to the grand-child or beyond if necessary. I fully understand that labels can replace these names but as far as I can tell I see no way to relate or group labels to other labels (other than 1 level deep limit) the way a normal parent - child structure can descend into. For example I have a folder called Tech of which there are sub-folders called Windows, Linux, Mac, etc... in the past I would create sub-folders in Linux called programs and even another sub-folder for each program I wanted to keep notes on. Now some of these programs may have further sub-categories that are appropriate to that specific program. Of course I can label each level but if a person has tons of notes in which each may have custom categories other than maintaining an amazing memory of which labels were used where I don't see any way to dig down to a subject level and see what groups were built originally and view just those notes. The evernote search system is great and labels are a nice plus but in some cases a simple global search across all notebooks or working on guessing what groups of labels where used in old notes ends up not being the quickest way to find a specific note.
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