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  1. Here everything seems to be alright too, after the last updates from EN and OSX Big Sur. I decided no to wonder why, as that’s just guessing, but enjoy EN again!
  2. A complete reboot of my desktop somehow did the trick this time !! Don’t ask me why but I nevertheless enjoy the full use of EN again
  3. reply to Kionas et al, this is still the fact in 10.3.7 !! hope it gets fixed fast because this makes EN worthless !!! Working with OSX Big Sur and EN 10.3.7 (Beta) problem here the same as stated as above: I am also desperate at this point.... I can search and see the note thumbnail but not the note. It happens on the web version, Mac version (v 10.3.6 build 458376 public
  4. Thank you ! ( however I still think this issue should be solved in Evernote)
  5. Same problem here, saving to Evernote used to work fine but now I only get a line like: ?xmlversion="1.0" encoding "UTF-8" standalone="no"? instead of a web-page in the note on iPhone, on the Mac the note only has a header ant the message to start writing or drag any text etc. Please help, this is annoying
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