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  1. I upvoted this, checbox handling should be better. Also, if checkboxes could be simply reorganized by dragging (like in Google Keep), that would be really good. P.S. A bug was recently introduced in the Windows client as well. Whenever you copy a note link and paste it against a checkbox, it adds a space at the beginning. Does not happen with normal text though, only note links.
  2. Unfortunately, no one even bothers to respond to these issues. :-|
  3. Hi, First of all, I was not really sure where to put this post up, as my experience involves multiple platforms and multiple types of usage for Evernote. If the moderators feel that this post belongs to some other section, then please feel free to move it to an appropriate section. Secondly, I'm an Evernote Basic user since late 2012, and have upgraded to Premium this year. I have used Evernote in Android and Windows for basic note taking, writing stories, as a document repository, and some PIM. I really like the concept behind Evernote, and how good it is at executing some
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