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  1. Seriously, a task so simple yet so necessary, I'm surprised it's even being debated. We really need this. There are too many reasons as to why a scan doesn't make it to the computer or to EN in the right rotation already and it's too cumbersome to have to add to the workflow a third party to get done something so simple.
  2. Dear friends at Evernote, I'm very pleased with what you've done so far and I've become a premium user after about a year of using Evernote for free. This is now my main archive and school backpack. I also use it for work meetings, and lately, I've started using the page camera to scan receipts. I've also started using it for school documents (past exams, paper notes, etc.). I just wanted to give you a few compliments because I believe they're due. My complain: The page camera only works sporadically. When it does, it does a wonderful job. When it doesn't, it takes a picture but after it "processes it" (the loading / rotating circle indicator) it returns a completely BLACK picture. If I switch into regular camera mode within the app, it will work. I've noticed that if I quit the app, clear any note upload notifications, and close all running apps and clear the ram, the page camera works again. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S III. So I'm guessing there is some RAM issue. I hope that feedback helps and the problem gets solved soon! -RJ
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