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  1. Thank you GrumpyMonkey for your response. I will try and do that in the future. But I wasn't on my Mac I was on my iPad (so my instinct to copy/paste wasn't quite the same). Can I contact customer support even if I'm not a Premium member? If you aren't connected to wifi and you leave a note, will it do that again in the future??
  2. I just spent all day on a note and am freaking out because it is now gone and it is due tomorrow and I had so much information in there. I created the document at 10am, worked on it all day. In the morning I was at a place with no wifi and was working on the note. I got home and continued working for several hours, where I have wifi (but I didn't press anything or try and sync anything). I eventually switched to my email. Then when I went back to evernote I went to a separate note, typed two lines, and when I returned to my other note I'd been working on all day it was COMPLETELY BLANK. It said it had been created at 10 and last updated at 10. It had NO details on any other updates and not a single word, sentence, anything, just completely blank. Is there a number I could call? Has anyone had this happen before? I'm not a Premium subscriber. I'm thinking about paying so I can do the "view history" thing, but I'm worried that won't help since how can a note that was supposedly created at 10am and updated at 10am that's blank have a "history"? HELP! Anyone! I'm bumming and would be so grateful for any assistance.
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