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  1. Wow. you're amazing. I literally did not see that because the lack of the color difference.! Thanks!
  2. I like the webclipper and I want to select chunks of a document and share them into evernote. It won't allow me to enter a title though. However, according to Evernote's website, I'm supposed to be able to enter a title . https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209125827-Clip-web-pages ... but there's no title field for me. am I missing something? Is this something I have to pay for?
  3. I'm very well aware that it's an image that I'm clipping. That was my goal. I often clip from content like the Kindle (which may have evil DRM) or bitmap PDFs so selecting text isn't an option. I also don't want to use the webclipper as I don't do this on the web often. For the web I would just rather copy the real text. My criticism still stands. I can't edit the title... I can't select the notebook it should go to. I'm 95% certain these were in the last major release and removed. And I'm aware that I can create a new note to do this but it's significantly harder and requires more time and key strokes and gets old FAST .
  4. I forgot to also point out that I can't set a title for the post that I just created. I have to switch to evernote to do it...
  5. OK... I clearly love Evernote but there are a lot of things that drive me crazy about it and make it much much harder for me to use. I was going to create a bunch of screen shares so that hopefully you guys can see the world from my perspective and maybe fix these issues. Here's the first one... This is the one that bothers me the most. For now it's not a deal breaker but if an alternative product shipped that didn't have this bug I would switch immediately..
  6. Ha... my point being that the design choice is wrong and very confusing. Users have VAST experience with filesystem folders. The UI is a folder metaphor but I can't create real folders. It's very confusing and frustrating. I suspect it wasn't really a design choice. I suspect that originally you couldn't create 'sub folders' or 'sub notebooks' and they figure out some way to hack it in. But regardless.. it's confusing. I could migrate to just using tags but when I create a new clip I should be able to set the default tags or at least the default folder.
  7. Just folders would be nice... I know of no other product that has 'stacks' like this.. For example why can I only create to a depth of 1?
  8. Yeah... notebooks... like this: http://i.imgur.com/EokrrHK.png
  9. I have always hated the way evernote has notebooks and subnotebooks. Why can't they just be like folders? Either that or I can migrate to just using tags for everything (which might be better). I need the ability to change the tags on the clipper too.
  10. I'll be reading a PDF and highlighting it and then I clip the highlight and stick it into my evernote. The problem is that this dialog box doesn't have an area to set the notebook it should be stored in. You guys ALSO removed the ability to set the title for the new note. I'm pretty sure the title feature was in the older version.
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