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  1. Even when Evernote is closed, there are two processes "Evernoteclipper.exe" & "EvernoteTray.exe" that are still running. The only process that is killed is "Evernote.exe", which I understand is the master process required for evernote to function. It will be nice if Evernote gave a warning message for any open attachments. Anyway I will be more careful and save attachments before closing Evernote. Thanks for your response(s).
  2. Here's the scenario .. 1) Create a new note 2) Attach an excel file (Test.xlsx) to the note 3) Open excel file and make some changes 4) Close EVERNOTE by clicking on X 5) Close and save excel file 6) Open the note and excel attachment - your changes are lost and the file name changes to "Test[1].xlsx". (The original file is available in ..\Evernote\Database\Attachments) If I reverse the order of step 4 & 5 (Step 5 first and then step 4), then it works fine. It is very easy to closed Evernote window first and then close/save the excel file resulting in lost updates. Has anybody else seen this issue? Thanks Rajesh
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