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  1. potsky

    Safari Mac Safari Webclipper - nothing happens

    Does not work for me. Tried the first method. Clean the LocalStorage too. What a shame ! The only solution now for me is to open the website on my iPhone and use the iOS Evernote extension...
  2. potsky

    mac (Archived) Disable shortcuts

    Hello Branden, unfortunately, it does not work. Jemostrom was talking about the Skitch Menu Item and not the Skitch App. Skitch Menu Item takes the Alt Shift Cmd 5 shortcut for the Previous Snapshot Area for example. Unfortunately, this shortcut is used for example in Mail.app to decrease text indentation. When I write an email, I have to Quit the Skitch Menu Item. But in the Skitch App, the shortcut is OK.
  3. Sorry for misunderstand about Evernote Evangelists. I thought you were company guys. Sorry. And you both are right... in fact it just depends on where people put their own limit about "important things". I agree with Dailen, an insignificant data can be a staggering blow. I thing security design is a strict discipline. Anyway...
  4. Haha Dailen ! Nowadays, security sucks, the main (and only) priority is "New Features". Security design is never seen so it is easy too say "it is secure" : https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23480996 I will never put important informations in Evernote. By the way, text encryption in RC2 is just a joke ! It is funny ! I will never use Evernote for business. I will only store non important things. Hardware and software design has to take care about security at the beginning and it has to be the first important thing. I red this (ok in 2008) : http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23725-request-additional-encryption-options-for-notebooks-and-syncing/ The first rule in security design is to always use the latest standards and never base any security part on "Obscurity of our technology". Bref... Evernote is not a secure way to store things and when I read Evernote Evengelist comments about the company strategy and position, security will never be the first thing they will take care about (except if they will be worldly hacked by Anonymous and if this hack will be a great deal of media attention).