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  1. I still happen to come here and check this forum every now and then to see if something changes...but I have swapped everything to paperwork since a while in my small company.
  2. It seems to me there's someone on this thread who is almost happy there is not a linux official version of Evernote. This is not a good thing this is a bad thing. I actually understood that Evernote as a company clearly stated they have no plans to deliver Evernote for linux. But company plans can and have to change in order to meet customer demand. As I already stated I am not a linux user, there is not any longer something like a linux user. I am like many other people a multiplatform user and linux is simply an important part of this multiplatform world we live in. So the idea is, let's kee
  3. hello everyone, I am here to support the cause of having an official evernote client for linux. It is not only a matter of "supporting" linux is also the fact that evernote is promoting itself as a multiplatform solution/application and in a multiplatform world linux has its place too. I switch constantly between linux, windows and other OS's too. I consider linux part of my daily job/life and I use evernote to write down notes regading linux itself too this means that when I am on linux I want to have my notes readily available and not being hassled by a low quality client. I could be tempted
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