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  1. Not what you are asking for @T Ward and you proberly have reason for not doing it, but to state it: Why don´t you have the ACTIONS seperated in a seperate notebook than the rest? I use TSW and Evernote and find that useful... but then that is another discussion.
  2. NEW DEVELOPMENT - TICKET 870125: FROM EVERNOTE: We have identified this issue as a Bug and I have reported it to our product team for resolution. While we are working to address the issue, I do not have specifics as to when the issue will be fixed. At this time, I’m going to close your ticket. However, if you would like, I can notify you when your issue has been fixed and scheduled for release. Additionally, I have gone ahead and added 20 Evernote Points to your Account to try and help compensate for the lost functionality. (10 Points is equivalent to 1-Month of Premium) ------------ So lets hope they get this fixed! K-nut
  3. I reported this as an error to Evernote 2014-12-13 and got this reply 2014-12-30 (I wrote a short note, maybe too crypctic): ME - 2014-12-13: I cant use the noteas as MoM due to TOOOO much minimum space between the individual lines (TICKET NUMBER: 870125) THEM - 2014-12-30: ....<deleted intro> Thank you for contacting Evernote support! In order to better assist you, I'd like to gather a little more information. Would you mind sending a screenshot of what you are describing from your iPad? ...<deleted some instructions> ME - 2015-01-04: Yes, I would mind. You should have known the answer: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14513-how-to-change-line-spacing/page-4#entry336942 A disgrace for such a great product. Please bring this message forward/upward as a change reqeust and give me feedback that it is done/not done with REFERENCE NUMBER....
  4. And that sums up the the biggest problem for me. I want to use it for simple MoM, notes to people without the hazzle of making "formal" documents when the need for speed and content is more important than format (read e.g. a "proper" MoM Word document). This is NOT SO EASY when I don't have control over the line spacing. Excpeciallty the UNWANTED "double spacing"-between lines or whatever it is. Who knows. I use iPad and even cut&paste into "Plaint text" app and back doesn't work. I really thinks this is my biggest hazzle at the time beeing and makes me wonder really hard ---> Is it not somebody out there that can be a real contender for Evernote - FOUR YEARS is a long time (ref. other post here)
  5. I have the same question. Workaround: The way I have done my "6-Waiting" is that when I have a waiting (on a date) I preceed the entry with eg. "13-05-01" Then I manually have to either search (notebook:@todo tag:6-Waiting tag:13-05-01) or just browse my "6-Waiting" category to the right date. Maybe this will be my (temp) solution with a new category "7-Recurring" and then when done the header will have to be changed to next recurring time. This for items that is not naturally to have in !Daily or my own added !Weekly and !zMonthly (the two latter to be looked at the first day of the week and the first day of the month)
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