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  1. I need to find a specific note by it's internal id. something like 54d17a93-10ea-415c-81c6-xxxxxxxxx. Any thoughts on how to do this?
  2. Saved searches used to be up at the top of the tree. Now they are at the bottom and I cannot seem to reorder and put Saved Searches before Notebooks for example. Also, the searches saved inside of Saved Searches seem unable to be ordered any more
  3. It doesn't seem like multiple notes can be selected to merge. Is this feature still in development?
  4. I also have to agree the new web version is a nightmare. Thanks for instructions on reverting back. It takes twice a long to get to any notes since everything is hidden. I agree that posting here probably won't help any so we'll be stuck with it sooner or later. Just hope the desktop version doesn't go to this too.
  5. I have EN 4.6.4 on Windows. I want to create a saved search to find notes where the created date is EITHER today OR less than today. I first tried -created:day and that of course does not work because it only gives me tags for before today but does not include tags created today. I then tried -created:day+1 but that doesn't seem to work either as the +1 doesn't seem to increment the day and "1" becomes another search term in my query. So is there no way to do this without specifying a specific date?
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