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  1. I found a work around today using the PrintCentral app on my iPad. You will need to upgrade the basic version to get the ability to "print to a PDF" Before you get started, open the PrintCentral app. Select the "Local Files" area and create a folder you will use to contain the notes you export as a PDF 1. Open the note in evernote and tap the share icon 2. Choose to share a link 3. Choose public link. A link to your note will be copied to the clipboard 4. Switch to the PrintCentral app 5. Select Web Pages 6. Select the URL address bar area and paste the contents of the clipboard (ie. the public link to your note) 7. Select the print icon in the upper right of the screen 8. Insure "Convert to PDF" is selected as a printer 9. Tap save 10. Select the folder you set up for saving your PDF'd Evernote note. 11. Confirm the title of the PDF (it will default to the note title) 12. Select save The note will be saved as a PDF to your selected folder. From there you can do an open in, which includes email. Although it seems a lot of steps, it can actually be done pretty quickly. Good luck!
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