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  1. A very inadequate workaround for those whose Evernote shortcuts have suddenly stopped working : Copy the note's internal link Paste into your web browser Use the browser to create a home screen shortcut If the Evernote app is set to open Evernote links by default, it's maybe 1/4 as convenient as home screen shortcuts used to be. As I say, inadequate! Dan Hotchkiss
  2. I just downloaded android Q beta 2 on my Pixel xp, and notes still show as unavailable.
  3. Isn't this a legacy issue? Android Marshmallow and beyond give the option of using SD card space as "internal" memory,. which should in theory make it possible to "use" that space for notes, even though Android will stop distinguishing the two. Might this be a reasonable explanation for Evernote's low emphasis on fixing what, in the longer view, is a short-term problem?
  4. I am running Evernote on Android 6 (Marshmallow) and elected to use my SD card as internal storage. I then had a problem with the SD card disconnecting from the system periodically, so that it appeared that the SD card had been unplugged. I seem to have fixed this by moving Evernote to the actual internal storage (instructions below). While this may seem to defeat the purpose of expanding effective storage, it does not, because other programs use the extended storage, leaving more for Evernote. Here's what i did: I went to Settings, Storage & USB, Sandisk SD card, Apps. This brings u
  5. I wish it were possible, while adding tags to a note, to create a new sub-tag. It is currently quite easy to create a new top-level tag simply by typing its name into the note's "Add tag..." field. What I am suggesting is to choose a delimiter (I know this is a challenge with so large a user base) such that you could type: dog:poodle. This would create a new sub-tag "poodle" under the existing tag "dog," and add the note to "poodle". Use case for this: In processing new, incoming notes, I often need to create a new sub-tag to fit new subject matter. At present I need to switch over to the
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