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  1. Thanks Guys, that was correct, becuase the number of notebooks in my evernote account exceeded the limit, all the newly created notebooks were created as local notebook! Thanks for your help! :-)
  2. Yes, that's correct! in my local evernote software, I can see the notebooks but it's not shown or accessible on other devices or evernote website!
  3. Hi there, Could you please help me with a problem that I've had over the last few weeks. The newly created notebooks does not sync (Evernote Windows). When I create a new notebook in Evernote (whether under the main root or a notebook stack), instead of a notebook green icon, a stop-sign shape icon appears next to it. And I can’t access the newly created notebooks or notes within the new notebook anywhere else on other devices. However when I create a new note in an old/existing notebook, I can access and see the new notes on other devices. My usage is also way below the monthly free usage. Thanks
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