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  1. bduncan, I like the work flow in your original set up. I wonder if I can get something similar running on my Linux server. In the mean time it appears that the free EN service does what my wife needs with jpg's. I did a couple tests with my cell phone snapping photos last night and they were word searchable in my EN account a few minutes later. Interestingly, the free EN does not seem to do OCR on non word searchable PDFs. I have my own work flow that works for me, but the ONLY way my wife will go digital if its as simple as just feeding them into the scanner. She seemed happy with the EN software last night; so as long as the scanner and Eye-Fi card is stable, I think I can sell her on this.
  2. I am curious to hear from anyone using a Doxie Go scanner with EyeFi card. My wife saves all her paper receipts in a drawer, and I do mean ALL receipts. My goal in getting a Doxie Go with EyeFi card would be the ability to sit in front of the TV at the end of the day and simply feed in each receipt for that day; ending up with each receipt being word searchable (i.e. find that WalMart receipt from last week) It is my understanding that when using the EyeFi card, each scan will be sent to EN as a JPG file. I think I read that even the free version of EN will do text recognition on JPG, but I would be willing to pay for premium if it will improve the quality or timeliness of the text recognition. Since I have a habit of spending money on things that work great in theory only to find that the real life experience is less than stellar, I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this process. I'm familiar with EN and its organizing tools, as I use it heavily for all our paperwork, but I deal primarily with word searchable PDFs. I suppose I can snap a photo of some receipts with my smart phone as a test, but I would expect the Doxie would do a better job scanning.
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