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  1. What will you use as alternative on LINUX next year?
  2. I'm not that familiar with docker so can you please write a bit more about this? What's the difference to running/installing win evernote client with wine and so on? Thanks
  3. You can check that by http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com for example...
  4. The downside with Everpad is you don't have any stacked notebooks/tags. Everything is listed among each other and that is really "not usable" for me (I'm using the thesecretweapon approach with many (sub)tags). So I (have to) stay with nixnote/nevernote on my linux pc's (and the web interface).
  5. It's working perfect... and the dev is also very friendly and fast on replies!
  6. @clrkprsn Have a look at http://www.harryonline.net/evernote/send-google-mail-to-evernote/226 (gm2en script) which is similar to that one you posted but can also manage tags & co
  7. @splodger1 You use Gmail web interface? How you forward the mails to EN? Simply forward them at all or do you use an extension like powerbot for that, or....?
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