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  1. Greatly disappointed with the Beta version. I have Notebooks shared with my wife's Evernote account, and after selecting to switch to the new version, all the Notebooks I share with her do not show up. Can't search for them, even with links I copied from the older version, in the new version they don't show up. When clicking on Share with Me in the new version there was just a welcome screen message of nothing being share yet. Thousands of important notes suddenly not being able to be accessed is very scary for us. Please fix this critical error. I have checked this using Chrome and Safari on an iMac, both displaying same problem. Many other Forum users have noted the same errors.
  2. I have TWO Master Notes in EACH of my shared Notebooks. e.g. inside a folder for Financial, I have a Note called "Master Note Financial 1", and it has the first alphabetical half of all my Tags added to it. Then I have "Master Note Financial 2", and it has the LAST alphabetical half of all my Tags added to it. Sync. Any time my wife wants to create a Note in my Financial folder, she can add any of my Tags, because they have all been used on those two Master Notes, and thus are available to her to use. I run about 8 different Notebooks for my system, and so yes, I have a Master Note 1 & 2 in each of those Folders. The only trick is to remember to add a new Tag to those Master Notes when I decide to make a new one. Trying to be clever and help me, I made all my Master Notes have a Creation Date of 1900, so they always show at the bottom of my Notes list, so I can quickly scroll to the bottom, Control+click all the "1" or "2" notes and then collectively add that new Tag to them. Easy Peasy, once you wrap your brain around it!
  3. Maybe "Dave" has a nest of Tags. He could name his nest "Dave" and then all of his Tags go under that. You then would do the same thing, if sharing your Tags back with him. Then, maybe, just his Parent Tag shows in your list, and if you needed to see the others you could expand the list? Haven't tested that though, just a thought.
  4. Hi there, been a while since you posted this, but just in case... I also found Tag limitations, and with other's testing, I now use this fix... My wife, who I share Notebooks and Notes with, can only create new Notes and Tag them with MY Tags, if the Tags are already used in that Notebook. So I have in each shared Notebook a Note called Master, and that Note, while empty, has every Tag I have tagged on it. Now because it is part of the Notes I share with my wife, she can use any of my Tags. However, there is a limit if 100 Tags per Note, and I have more than that. Fix? Master 1 and a Master 2 Note in each Notebook. Master 1 has Tags from the first 13 letters of the alphabet, Master 2 has the last 13. Whenever I add a new Tag (and yes, I have to keep this in the back of my mind all the time) I select all the Master 1 or 2 Notes, depending on the first letter of the Tag, then collectively Tag those Notes with the new Tag. Hard to find those Master Notes all the time? No... because I changed their Creation Date to 01/01/1900 so they always show at the bottom of my list of Notes. Now every single Tag I have is on one of two Notes in every Notebook I share with my wife, and she can now email anything she wishes to my account, with the appropriate @notebook and #tag names in the Subject line, and it works! It would be so much easier if Evernote just removed the Tag limits on a Note, but this fix works. Hope it helps you too.
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