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  1. The android version has this option - there, the auto-title is location and "calendar event, if available". There's a checkbox in Settings to make that stop happening. I just opened the Windows app for the first time in several weeks, got an auto-title (arrgh! Agree with OP), and went to Settings - I was very surprised not to find that option anywhere. Please add this to the Windows (& Mac? & web?) version!
  2. Thanks! I'm so used to being a free user it never occurred to me to go to support. I'll do that, as soon as I have time. The problem with just getting a link is that I then have to think about the whole thing again to get the actual recipe. I tend not to, which is why I have 22K Twitter likes, many of which are things I wanted to copy into Evernote before the share clipping existed (or before I was aware of it, which is probably not the same thing). Right now I tend to select (which is a pain, on Android) and copy just the recipe, then create an Evernote note - 3-5 minutes, rather than 30
  3. I use Evernote, often, to get recipes off the web. Many recipe websites have a Print button by each recipe, which simplifies the formatting, removes most ads, and leaves out the rambling discussion of the recipe. I used to, I think always, be able to click that button, see the simplified version, tell Evernote to share, and get that version saved (as Save Full Webpage). As of about a month ago (not sure exactly when), it works on only a couple websites; for most sites, now (including ones where it worked earlier), I go to the Print version, tell Evernote to share, and what's saved is the
  4. Yet another "me too". Currently running 4.6.4, it's been happening, every time I boot the computer (I think - most times, anyway), for...a long time. Months, if not a year. I have Evernote set to start with Windows; I can't tell if it actually does. I get the error message (about the token), then go to my shortcut and start it. The icon then appears in the system tray, but not until then. I've never seen the error except at boot. Win 7 Pro (actually, it started while I was on Win 7 HP, I upgraded).
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