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  1. I love that my Penultimate Stacks/Notebooks and Notes are now in Evernote... however, since I take all of my Penultimate Notes in Landscape Mode (iPad tilted with cover) I can't READ them in Evernote. When I open the note in Evernote and right-click, I even SEE the option to rotate clockwise, but it is "greyed out" and can't happen. This makes the fact that all of my Penultimate notes are stored in Evernote useless... Obviously, I am not the only one with this problem, but Online Help just tells me to "right-click" which does not work. HELP!
  2. No answers? are there no other evernote touch / Win 8 users out there? or is there just no answer? guess i'll wait to go home to my "old" evernote on a Win 7 machine to print my notes?
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