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  1. There wasn't a forum for Evernote for Gmail - so I've posted my idea here. Not a massive change, but I think it would be nice. when you have the Evernote panel open on the right-hand side of an email, you can change the default folder. If you close the panel (because you want to read your emails in full screen), then you decide to save another email, you open the panel, then you may want to change the default folder again. Each time you click on the change folder, it looks like the plug-in logs into your account to get the list. Why not save the list in cache, or a cookie and provide a refresh icon if you want to re-read the list from your account? Just saves those precious seconds and would be it far more responsive. I also posted a bug about how Spam emails are treated, even if they have been moved into your Gmail inbox - hope that gets resolved soon. cheers, Pete
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