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  1. Hi, That is in no way a replacement for RSS. I used the RSS feed to get real-time content from a notebook and use it in other applications. You are speaking about emails, which I'm sure is worthwhile for some users, but not for what this thread is about. To Google Keep, I guess....
  2. So I take it there is no interest from the Evernote team in adding RSS support to paid accounts?
  3. Add me to the list of Evernote users extremely disappointed with this. You could have at least emailed users that were having their feeds accessed to warn us. Now a bunch of stuff is broken for me. I haven't upgraded to a paid account because I haven't seen any reason to, but I would definitely pay for the ability to have an RSS feed of a public notebook. As it stands now, I will have to look for an alternate service to Evernote now, which deeply saddens me as I have been otherwise happy, even enthusiastic, about Evernote.
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