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  1. I'm not so familiar with the tool you are using now. I found an OCR component that could be re-edited online according to your own requirements,but I'm a green hand here. who can tell me the diffrerence between them ? Many thanks Sincerely, Arron
  2. Agreed. I don't suggest that. It's not so convenient to add PDF document to EN. . Have you ever thought about re-editing a control to help you according to your own requirements? If not , I hope you can have a try. I do think this PDF control is pretty a genius. It saves me a lot of time. What's more, Yiigo offers many free trials of different plugins dealing with different files of documents. i do hope it will be helpful. Bset Regards Arron
  3. you want to convert image to pdf? or just to be editable? i have encountered some information on wikipedia which may be helpful to you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocr and here is a software Yiigo. Image which also very easy to operate
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