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  1. Same problem here for a week or so now. Windows 7 desktop client. The support people told me to uninstall and reinstall with the "current version" (which was what I had already installed). But I did it anyway and no luck. Happens with small notes (just "test"). Syncs fine from the web version to my android apps.
  2. Check out Keyman, which is a program that people have been using for 15 years or so to do keyboard layouts in majority and minority languages around the world. http://www.tavultesoft.com/ Swedish layouts are here: http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/downloads/keyboards/search.php?Submit=search&Search=swedish&x=0&y=0 Microsoft also has an option built into windows for setting up simple keyboards.
  3. Mine says this: 12:02:57 [5176] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED 12:02:57 [5176] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 33s 12:02:57 [5176] 0% * 0s (0%) spent in EDAM RPC I emptied the trash and also uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled withe the current install file, as they told me to do. and nothing helped.
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