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  1. Thank you, I have now according to your advice, submitted a ticket over there.
  2. I have used Evernote for 10 years on only two devices - my iphone and my laptop. However recently it stopped syncing on the iphone. I deleted the app and reinstalled. No change. I "removed the device" and then added it again. Still no syncing. It demands that I upgrade, but Evernote documentation says I can have two devices for free and this has been the case forever. So I am confused. Why do I have, truly, only two devices yet it wants me to upgrade in order to sync my iphone? Thank you for any help or advice you can offer. Please see screenshot from my iphone showing only two devices.
  3. ok I finally figured out the expandable arrow only pertains to stacks and the individual notes inside the notebooks arent actually expandable to be viewed in the left column. Thank you.
  4. Thank you DT Low for weighing in! I'm on a PC running Win 10. To clarify: First I shared a NOTE residing inside Notebook 00-IMMEDIATE with my colleague (share-input her email addr - gave her permission to edit) Then I realized I needed to share more notes with her and decieded to put them into one new NOTEBOOK and share the whole notebook with her. so I created Communications/Projec... notebook and shared it with her, but in neither 00-IMMEDIATE nor in Communications/Projec... the expandable arrow disappeared as soon as the notebook inside it (00-IMMEDIATE) and the notebook ( Communications/Projec...) was shared. How can I get the expandable arrow back?
  5. hi, please see the screenshot of my Evernote below - note that: 1) i shared a note inside 00-IMMEDIATE and from then on the expandable arrow disappeared. Is there a way to get it back? The one shared item has been moved to Communications/Projects notebook. 2) I shared Communications/Projects notebook and when the arrow disappeared I thought ok let me just make a stack (00-COMMUNIC/PROJ) but I'm unable to move the notes out of the notebook Communications/Projects into the stack. Please help me either get the expandable arrow back on Communications/Projects notebook, then I will just delete the stack... I realize these are probably dumb questions but I can't find answers so creating this thread... TRULY APPRECIATE your help!
  6. Update: I discovered the more recent version. Evernote had made about seven copies of the old version all on the same note, and then way down at the bottom, I was RELIEVED to discover, it also made two copies of the most recent version... all without giving me any notice of there being a conflict! It was only when I realized that the note was VERY long and copied it into Word that I realized it had become many copies of two or more different versions. This is surely a bug in the new software, because older versions of Evernote used to make nice "conflict" notes where I could always go and compare and there was never any trauma.
  7. I've used Evernote for years with no syncing problems but today I was going to need to access something on my iphone. So as always I manually synced from my working laptop installation, then opened evernote on my Iphone and thought I saw it sync up. A few hours later I returned home, opened my laptop and found that a two-week old version had overwritten my most recent version!!!! TWO WEEKS of notes GONE. I am VERY unhappy and am not sure I caan trust Evernote again, becaue I think I did everything right as far a syncing, and see no reason why this happened...
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