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  1. Whatever I try, for some reason it simply wont replace / update the .pdf file in the note. What happens is this: - I open the .pdf file through Evernote, using Adobe Reader. - I make some markups; - I hit the 'back' button on the tablet At this point, when using Dropbox, the .pdf file gets updated with the markups. Using Evernote, however, I *do* get a message with 'file saved' but when I open up the .pdf file in Evernote, it remains unchanged. When going to the tablet's storage, in the downloads folder, I find the file, with the markups. When using Dropbox, however, this is not the case; I open up the file (through the Dropbox app, and with the Adobe Reader app), add some markups, hit the back button when I am done, and the markups are automatically saved to the .pdf file in Evernote. Anyway, I am using Skitch now... It does what I want to do (markups in .pdf files). Not as accurately as Adobe Reader does because it is done with a free hand tool instead of text selection, and saving the file (literally) takes ten times the time it takes Dropbox, but it does the job nonetheless. If I am doing it wrong, or if anyone knows how to fix this, I would still be very interested!
  2. Sorry, forgot about that. It's a Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 (but not the 2014 version).
  3. Hi there, For a while now I have been using Dropbox and Adobe Reader on my tablet. The two work nicely together; the markings I make with Adobe Reader on my tablet are saved in the file in Dropbox, meaning I can look them up behind my pc and on my phone. But now I want to replace Dropbox with Evernote because of Evernote's tagging features, and I noticed that whenever I open a .pdf file in Evernote and I start marking text, the .pdf file actually gets downloaded and it gets saved locally, on my tablet, and not inside Evernote. Is there a way to fix this? In the past I have been using the other text markup program (Skitch? Not sure how it's called) which allowed me to save the .pdf inside Evernote, but I rather stick with Adobe Reader.
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