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  1. Good point, I'm not sure how to get around that either although I don't actually send them the link, I merely post it and they have to enter it into their browser, but your point is still valid. Good luck on your upcoming move. Tim
  2. Hello, We recently decided to downsize our home here in Singapore and as a result found ourselves with quite a few items we wanted to sell. I tried e-Bay but found it to be quite cumbersome. I ultimately decided to use Evernote. I used Evernote on my iPad to take pictures of the items I had for sale, and then recorded the dimensions and price in the note field. For electronics I used Web Clipper to take snapshot of the manufacturer web sites listing the technical specifications and pasted that into a note along with the picture I took from my ipad. When I was done, I had a notebook with all the items I wanted to sell, the technical specs and the price. I then made the notebook Public and created a memorably bit.ly link to the notebook and referenced the bit.ly link the paper flyers I posted on various message boards and my Craigslist listings (one point to note here Craigslist doesn't like url redirection so it complained about bit.ly references. I worked around that by simply embedding the link in an image). Bit.ly lets me track clicks to the notebook. When Items sell, I use Skitch to update the image showing the item was sold, or simply move that item to another notebook thus preventing someone from calling on items I have already sold. As I move closer to our move date, i will begin lowering my asking prices and posting the current highest offer for any item. In one small project I used Evernote, on my iPad and Mac, as well as Webclipper, and Skitch. By way of example I have uploaded one of the ads I posted on Craigslist. If interested the bit.ly link is http://bit.ly/tbmove Tim
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