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  1. You might want to consider Joplin - it is still a subset of Evernote, but does much more than Simplenote and is improving quickly. See the list of features at https://joplin.cozic.net/
  2. It is perfectly clear why the downgrade was required - they wanted to make people happy by bringing back half the functionality they had removed - and hoped people would not notice that the other half was still missing - keyboard shortcuts for example :-)
  3. I think you are missing the point. The aim is to have a version available with fewer major bugs - currently no version meets this requirement. In addition, what you describe is a lot of work compared to simply signing up for the "occasional but reliable" update stream.
  4. Request to Evernote Windows team: Please could you provide an annual release where all major bugs have been fixed and allow users to sign up for only this annual update. My reason for the request is that I have lost many hours in the last few months finding workarounds to the numerous bugs that have been introduced with each new release of the windows app. Comments on the forum suggest that many others have had the same experience. However the Evernote team seem to have a priority of getting as many releases out as possible (see quote below). For long term users of Evernote with establish
  5. I agree that the number of bugs in Evernote Windows is increasing again. I am going to stick with 6.8 as long as I can. I found that setting pdfs to show as attachments got rid of the worst bugs. Not having a pdf preview is a big loss of functionality, but bugs that break your work flow cost a lot of time. I have found ways round most of the remaining bugs. My biggest concern is that with the current rate of adding bugs Evernote will be totally unstable within a few releases. Onenote seems much more stable, but I much prefer the simpler design of Evernote. However, unstable software is not sim
  6. This update has the most bugs of any I have used in the last 9 years. I've always found ways to work around the bugs before, but this has me beaten. The pdf viewer looks nice, but has brought so many problems. Attachments disappear, copy and paste does not always work, notes get corrupted. There may be a security issue because the pdf viewer will run any javascript embedded in the pdf. The windows app was always buggy, but there seems to have been a rapid growth in bugs over the last few releases. Evernote has now become an anti-productivity tool for me. It is the most expensive software I us
  7. As I said, the response on this forum is "go use different software" - except that the "Gurus" can never say it as succinctly as that. We then get the long list of excuses for Evernote. Not very useful (compared, for example, with https://mathematica.stackexchange.com/ which is succinct and incredibly helpful - maybe Evernote needs an independent forum...). I digress; my experience is that Evernote has many more bugs than other apps I use. But there is no point in reporting them if all you get is a lot of waffle and excuses. So I wont bother and will say no more ...
  8. I think your question is a fair one. Evernote has a surprising number of bugs for a mature software product. All software has bugs, but most users should not see them on a daily basis if the product is mature and has been well managed. My use of Evernote is that of an average user, but I have had to find workarounds to a number of bugs in the editor that impede daily use and put up with the unpredictable behaviour of the user interface. I can live with it and will continue to use Evernote, but I don't recommend others to use it. Many aspects of the product are excellent, but I find the bugs lo
  9. FYI - I have found that you can use all the pdf viewer keyboard shortcuts from chrome (except Crl-S). I find Ctrl-\ very useful. Here are the shortcuts you need: Zoom in: CTRL++ Zoom out: CTRL+- Toggle between Fit Width and Fit Page: CTRL+\ Rotate clockwise: CTRL+] Rotate counter-clockwise: CTRL+[ Download PDF: CTRL+S Print PDF: CTRL+P Scroll one page up: PgUp Scroll one page down: PgDn
  10. Enhancement request: A back button for the pdf viewer. I really like the new pdf viewer. It gives much better access to the pdf than the previous one. The table of contents drop down makes larger pdfs usable without opening a pdf viewer. I would like to request one enhancement. When I click on an internal link in the pdf (e.g a link to Figure 8.2) it jumps perfectly to that point, but there is no way to jump back to where I was reading. This makes internal links much less useful, because it is a lot of work to get back to where you were. You avoid using them unless you really need to. Wha
  11. I agree! I find this a huge problem with Evernote's crude attempts to get Plus customers to buy Premium. Just when you need to be totally focused some distracting thing (pdf annotation, upgrade button, context, work chat,...) trips you up and says you must upgrade. It really reduces the value of the app. I have tried Premium and don't need the features it has. Plus is the correct version for me. Just leave me in peace to use Evernote productively! Please include a setting for plus customers to hide all Premium related stuff - you can remind us about it once a quarter or something if you must.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, but I just checked and I am not making that mistake. However, I created a new pdf file in foxit saved it to Evernote then opened it, modified again and that saved the changes to Evernote. So there are a few possibilities It is problem for pdfs already stored before I upgraded to the latest beta. It is a problem for big pdfs. You now need Premium to use this feature ( I have Plus) ... something else :-)
  13. Bug: with the beta, when I open pdf in Foxit I can no longer save changes back to Evernote. If, for example, I add a bookmark and then save the pdf I am requested to save a new copy of the file to the Documents folder. Is anyone else seeing this? I am concerned that Evernote are trying to lock you into their pdf annotation - and force Plus customers to move to Premium.
  14. Once you are in the subscript how do you get back to normal text - I cant find the keyboard shortcut. Thanks, Peter.
  15. I have exactly the same problem occurring with Firefox 47.0.1 and Web Clipper 6.2.0. Is there any fix for this? Thanks.
  16. I suggest you try it and see if you still agree with yourself. You only see the click-on arrows if you have clicked on a link in the note window (there is no history to navigate otherwise - good design choice from the developer). It is clearly a bug because the keyboard shortcut does something different from the mouse click (it is also a change from version 5). We can debate which behaviour is wrong, but I think if you try it out you will quickly agree with me.
  17. Version 6.0 is a definite improvement - thanks. I like the way search works. One new bug to report is that the keyboard shortcuts Alt-Left arrow and Alt-right arrow (used to navigate history) are broken if you open a note in a separate window. When you try to navigate in the note window it actually operates in the main Evernote window! Very confusing. It works fine if you use the mouse on the < and > icons in the notes toolbar so it should not be hard to fix. I am on Windows 10 Thanks.
  18. Just tried the web interface to see if bugs have been fixed there. Got a triple bullet point on the same line within 5 minutes ... cool... unless you want to do productive work. However, the "Evernote for Windows (276665) Public" that I am using has fixed some bugs with bullets. With care and a bit of experience it may be possible to avoid the remaining bugs ... time will tell. So far I have been unable to reproduce the multi-bullet point madness of earlier versions :-(
  19. Hi, I have been using Evernote for 7 years now and had given up on using bullet lists because of the mental suffering that it causes (the behaviour was totally unpredictable when editing lists). Reading this post I had hope that it may have been fixed, but after 5 minutes of testing you start to find the bugs. I am using "Evernote for Windows (276665) Public". How is it that a dumb end user like me can find the bugs in 5 minutes - is the software tested before it is released? To be fair, editing bulleted lists has been improved with this version - there are fewer bugs and the b
  20. Hi, the support for Latex is fantastic with this app. I have dreamed of Evernote supporting Latex, but never expected it to happen. With the Evernote web client I found that it would render any equation however complex. However, to get the same result on the Windows 7 client required me to install the right fonts. It seems that Marxico uses MathJax to render the latex. After installing the correct fonts I could get all the examples at http://www.mathjax.org/demos/tex-samples/ to work (as far as I can tell Marxico supports everything from MathJax except automatic equation numbering - you can us
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