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  1. Same thing just happened to me, on IPad 3 with iOS7, right after the update to Evernote 7.0.2. Previous version worked fine just yesterday, then no more (working) sync after the update until I deleted and reinstalled.
  2. What the... I just tried File -> Exit again, and now it behaves like Quit Evernote! I'm positive that File -> Exit acted like the close window box when I tried it after your first suggestion. One thought: I told the shutdown confirmation box not to appear again, later when it appeared in response to Quit Evernote. Was that what triggered the change in File -> Exit behavior? Bizarre.
  3. Not here, sorry. File -> Exit does not close my Evernote completely, it just closes the window. Only Quit Evernote on the tray icon shuts down both Evernote and its tray icon. Perhaps we use different settings that cause File -> Exit to behave differently in our installations? I've checked the option "Launch Evernote at Windows login", for example. Ha, I didn't mention it but I did in fact make copies of all the databases before deleting them. I'm not that reckless.
  4. Thanks... been reading here before but not posting. Hmm, File -> Exit shouldn't do anything different than closing the Evernote window which I do all the time. However, I just also tried "Quit Evernote" from the tray icon's context menu, and now Updated remains selected after a restart. So whatever it was, it seemed to have helped! Checking the registry I see the key NoteListSorting is now indeed set to "Updated,descending". Didn't help with the first issue, though. The restarted Evernote still showed those the weird multiple tag selections that I never entered manually. I couldn't find any corresponding settings in the registry, either. Now I decided to try the nuclear option. I shut down Evernote, deleted all local database cache files (AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\<user>*), and let Evernote re-synchronize from the server. THAT has finally helped! I no longer get the weird multi-selection on startup. So apparently the initial notebook/tag selection is stored somewhere in those databases, and for whatever reason wasn't getting overwritten with my current selection. Has this happened just once? Or does it happen again? Did the notes get updated correctly on the Web? If it continues to happen, I would suggest contacting support: http://evernote.com/contact/support/ Has only happened once, and I hope it won't happen again! I haven't thought to check on the web -- I was utterly surprised when I saw all my notes misfiled. But I'll keep that in mind if it does happen again.
  5. Recently (since the security updates I believe) Evernote for Windows desktop has taken to starting after each reboot with a bizarre multiple selection of notebooks and tags. One notebook and two tags are always selected, a combination that I had never selected manually. An old bug has also returned: the note sort order is not remembered. I want to use "Notes by Updated" but the order always reverts to "Notes by Created" after a reboot. I've just seen a worse bug, too: I moved most of my notes into one of two notebooks & synced. The next day those notes were in the other notebook and I had to move them all back again! That was the first time I've seen anything like that, though, unlike the UI bugs above.
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