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  1. How are you quitting the program? You need to right-click on the elephant icon in the notification area and select Quit to exit completely. Ah, Emerick, that did the trick. <ctrl> Q to exit forces a re-login the next time in. Perfect and thank you. As an additional piece of feedback, if simply leaving the app (such as in Quicken, Facebook, or any banking app) could trigger the same effect (assuming a "stay logged in" option were not checked), that would be even better. Thanks again all. BTW, in addition to quitting per the above (QTRL Q), you will have to logout once. Then, of course, all future logins should be done without the "Stay signed In" box checked. Well the control Q works, but it's not that helpful that you have to remember to log out using the ctrl Q every time... It seems like login security should be a basic feature to improve.
  2. Hardly. You can easily store encrypted PDFs in Evernote. They won't be searchable. But no notes (including EN's own encryption) that are truly & securely encrypted will be. And you wouldn't want the encrypted parts to be. Otherwise, that means someone (IE Evernote's indexer at the very least) can view them. First of all, it's obnoxious how condescending some of you "Evernote Evangelists" are and it's poor customer service. I don't think it's too much to ask for the ability to encrypt an image in EN when they already allow us to encrypt text. As Grant837 is saying, we like that EN is an all-in one tool. We don't want to have to encrypt an image with a separate app and THEN add it to EN and if EN cared about efficiency or security, we wouldn't have to use a separate app.
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