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  1. Deleting the app then downloading latest version which just came out 8.13, is now working for me.
  2. Great work around! i have to say I never used that icon in the “footer” before, since search is at the top. Thanks for noting it.
  3. iPhone 8 iOS 11.31 / EN 8.12 Searching in ALL NOTES returns zero results. If i go back to the actual Notebook where the note is stored, a SEARCH IN "NOTEBOOK", it will return the correct result(s). it works fine on my iPad 11.3.1 / 8.12 it works fine on my Mac. 10.13.4 / 7.1.1 (Yes I did see there was an iOS update)
  4. It did, thank you. This doesn't appear to be a documented/obvious solution. Although i just tried it in another app, and it worked. Must be an OS feature? I didn't search outside of Evernote. Thanks for the tip. (Other apps also have access through the "Window" menu bar item, FYI.)
  5. near as i can tell, this still hasn't been resolved in v5.1.4, as i just did this to myself by accident (cmd-w to close a different app window, but Evernote was still forefront and the open note was lost, which is a worse problem).
  6. I have two issues with 5.0.7... one on my mac, i created a short list with checkmarks via the checkmark button. This note would not sync successfully to either the web or down to my ipad/iphone. just the header and a blank note. I deleted the checkmarks on my mac version and then it would sync as just a list of words. So i created a NEW note on my phone with checkmarks, synced, added a few more on my mac, and now it won't sync back up. Says it syncs, but the new additions aren't showing up. Also the left column preview is wrong, reflects the old information, not the updated items i just wrote. two Really slow. Everytime i do something it hangs for about 30 seconds. Type a word in the list, hit enter, hangs. click save, hangs (then, hopefully saved). Rainbow spinning wheel. It's so i can't even use it. Evernote via MacApp store. OSX 10.8.2
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