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  1. I think it is time for everyone to hit Twitter and Facebook...
  2. Hello Evernote?? is there anybody out there? as Pink Floyd says?
  3. @DTLow - so are you suggesting I don't need Evernote after all?? I dont like preview... my students are used to Evernote and the stickers etc...I have systems in place.. why are we having this conversation??? You are a Guru and you are telling people to use a crappy native OSX app... Fix the app EV
  4. Not good enough. Preview is not what my students are used to.....
  5. I want the evernote feature i am paying for ... preview is not the same. My students are used to the way i do it with the stamps etc......
  6. FIX THE ANNOTATION!!! This is a serious issue for workflow of many people..... i have students work to annotate and reports to annotate!!! Seriously.... when is this BETA 3 fix release coming out. You are killing me here. You should be working on this 24/7 and better communicating with customers as to the reason etc...
  7. C'MON!!! Fix this. Is there reimbursement available for users????
  8. Oh come on guys. I just upgraded for many reasons but now look at my right column. I can no longer update my school website from my ipad app. Sucky decision without notice. Makes people look very unprofessional. www.fairvalehigh.com Please reconsider or have a solution
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