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  1. Most people use Excel or Numbers for spreadsheets and there is no need when you can just add the document to a note. In my department we do it all the time. But drop-down menus would allow you to get more even out of tables. Thus a function that already exists could be enhanced and in multiple ways. I don't believe that it would slow Evernote down to increase the function of something that already exists. Also I just realized Tables cannot be moved around on a note. That is not helpful when you are trying to establish a specific note template for yourself. By the way I do like slimmer, sleeker, and faster but we also should enhance what already exists. This way I and others do not have to keep looking for apps that sync with Evernote.
  2. Quick question: Could Evernote please add the feature of editable drop-down menus to notes. This way I can treat a note like a simple database. Tables are helpful and the is great but the ability for drop-down menus we be a huge plus. I will like to make my note look like this: I am not saying color wise, etc. I am just taking about a constructing a simple database within a notebook. I hope it is something being thought about for the near future. If not please could it be? Thanks.
  3. GrumpyMonkey, I have no problem with the modification. I just hope that these modifications can come sooner rather than later. Evernote has been doing a wonderful job and I have nothing but good things to say.
  4. I have penultimate for its seamless transition to Evernote. But I feel Penultimate needs more features to make it mor functional for a business office environment. 1. Need writing text magnification - So we can write on the lines being able to use more space on one page. 2. Binders would be great 3. The ability to Type text in some cases where fonts can change and text be highlighted in different colors. 4. Insert Audio 5. Copy and Paste These would be great upgrades and would make evernote more effective. I hate having to take my laptop into every meeting because Evernote does on my computer things it will not do on my ipad. But by making pen ultimate more functional I wouldn't have to carry my laptop because of the seamless transition penultimate has with Evernote. 2 Problems solved. Please make penultimate mor functional for different environments PLEASE!!! I really want to use it more and see its potential.
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