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  1. A couple of months ( i could not fine out exactly day when i updated following Evernote guidenance) Before that i was not feeling on speeding related search what i want to do on Evernote (just normal) But now. i am very inconvenience whenever i do. Let you know about that There are two types of reactions from Evernote. One is quite slowly came out answers after 1 or 2 minites. as you know in front of loptop. i or 2 minites make feel 10 or 20 minutes. at that time i did not look at that procedure. When i concentrated on that, i want to tell bad languages.
  2. 아예 업데이트를 하지 마세요. 업데이트한 이후로는 속도도 엉망이고 화면이 멈추어 버려 작업 한 건 끝내면 컴퓨터를 끄고 다시 켜서 다른 작얼을 하고 있습니다. 이런 식으로 업테이트 하시면 evernote 사업 곧 문을 닫겠네요
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