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  1. I have a couple suggestions that would significantly improve the usability of Evernote on Android, at least for my usage style. I mainly use it to archive links to articles I've found interesting, and so will very often share to Evernote from other applications, such as Twitter clients, news readers, etc. The vast majority of the time, I just save the notes as they were generated, and do not mess with editing them at all. However, the keyboard still pops up every single time, and I have to WAIT for it to pop up every single time. This adds at least 2-4 seconds onto how long I have to just sit there and wait before I can do anything with the note. I have seen in other applications (such as Notif) the option to choose whether the keyboard activates upon opening or not, and such an option for Evernote would be a huge time-saver. It would seem to be straightforward to fix this by simply not making the "Title" text field active automatically, instead letting a user tap there IF they need to edit it at all, since the extra time required to do that would be markedly less than the time saved when editing is not needed. This would also have the added benefit of not automatically scrolling down past the header that lists the notebook, saving a user from having to always scroll back up in order to show it and select the proper notebook. If anything ought to be popping up automatically, it would seem to make more sense for it to be the notebook selection list than the cursor in the title. The other suggestion I have is to use the same notebook selection list in the note editing view as is used everywhere else in the application. Currently, in the note editing view, the font and spacing in the notebook selection list is absolutely huge, only allowing 7 notebooks to be displayed at a time (at least with my screen/resolution). In contrast, everywhere else in the Evernote app this list uses much more reasonably-sized text, allowing 10 notebooks to be seen at a time, and looking MUCH nicer and cleaner as well. This latter view also seems to load much faster than the former; when bringing up the former, a "Processing, please wait" box usually pops up for a couple seconds before the notebook selector comes up, while this is not seen with the more compact list style. Overall, I absolutely love Evernote, and find it indispensible. If these small suggestions could be implemented, it would just make the Evernote Android app just that much more polished and refined.
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