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  1. Since the mandatory update from Evernote a couple of months ago, a few of my notes (4/8 total,) are 'very' slow to enter data. None of the notes are extensively long or have a lot of data in them. All note entries worked fine until the update. I have attempted to contact Evernote CS on several occasions with no success to a solution. I think Evernote screwed this update up and I am disappointed after being told that Evernote was going to revolutionize the ability to create, sync and store notes well into the future. As an old Palm fan and addict to it's notes capabilities, I am even more upset that Palm let us power users down. I am finding that instead of progress in technology, there is regression. If anyone has a solution to the slow input of notes in Evernote (post update,) please let me know. Thank you, flkip
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