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  1. I also use the Harry Online solution. Have been using it for months (They just released a version 3) to do this exactly. There are many good things, fowards the emails, including attachments, and data as date, subject and CC.....and the best is that creates a hiperlink to the original email so after reading it in evernote I can go directly to the email in Gmail to reply it. It is fantastic, very easy to setup and totally free. Fully recommended!
  2. More than a year after the first post the problem is still there. It may seem obviuos but there is very subtle difference between "delete" and "remove"...and in the Spanish version they even used the same word for both! "eliminar". Is not to reopen the topic as a discussion, I just had the same problem as arjanbroere a few days ago and amazes me that this amtter is so old...and relatively easy. It should be included on the list of things to improve in a future version.
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