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  1. I've kind of given up on Penultimate and bought a Livescribe Pen, been very happy with the results and the audio recording is a great addition too
  2. I would like this as much as the next person but complaining that they have the slowest dev's in the world is bs. Delivering quality products to the market takes time, resources and money; just because they have an iPad version that is solid, doesn't mean that porting this to Android or Windows 8 is easy. Each environment throws up its own challenges, restrictions and issues that need to be documented, designed and implemented. What I can agree with is that I disagree with the policy on not discussing development plans/schedules with the community. The community is what keeps Evernote in business. I would much prefer an conservative plan with milestones documented that the community can get excited about than crickets. I know that the community can be brutal if their is schedule slippage but you are losing customers and/or potential customers and they're just as brutal on the silence (case and point this thread). I'm about to get a new laptop/tablet (transformer book) for work and will probably just use OneNote because I'm old school and like taking notes with a pen/stylus, it's a real shame but I won't be re-subscribing for premium at this point. Chris
  3. Let me know if you need an Aussie based PM to drive the project and ensure that an appropriate communication plan is developed and executed on.. just saying Chris
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