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  1. One thing I don't see mentioned here that definitely changed after the update is tables. Tables created on my Mac at home using an older version of Evernote used auto-spacing columns. Now when I view those tables on my iPhone 6S, the columns are all equal width. This creates vertical blocks of almost unreadable text on tables with more than three columns. I know this "feature" started on the Windows version and I deleted the program because there was no way to change it. The online version still displays tables as they were created, with variable table widths. Is there any way to get variable table widths to display properly on ios?
  2. I just opened up my Windows Evernote client today to find all the notes I added yesterday are now gone. There are no conflicting changes and the notes aren't in any other notebook. They are still showing where they belong on the Evernote website and on my new iPhone. How do I get the notes in the Windows version restored?
  3. Hi Jeff I synched my netbook first. Then when I synched my Mac, several of the notes that were changed on the netbook did not appear with the changes on the Mac. Many other notes did show the changes, but not all. It would make sense to me if none of the notes showed the changes, then it would be a synch issue, but only random notes were not updating. Thanks John
  4. Hi Jeff Thanks for the reply. When I'm out with my netbook, I rarely have wifi access. When I get home, I immediately synch to the network and the fire up my Mac and synch that to the network. When I opened the Mac file this weekend, several notes did not synch and days later I found out they were in conflicting changes on the netbook. Shouldn't all notes synch at once? The changes were only made on one device (netbook), yet some never made it to the second device (Mac). Where do conflicting changes show up in the Mac version? I'm using the latest Evernote on all machines. Thanks John
  5. I just checked the Evernote client on my netbook and the unchanged files showed up in the "Conflicting Changes" folder. Probably because I had manually made the changes on my Mac client. As a separate issue I have changes on my workplace Evernote client (Vista) that aren't showing up anyplace else, including the web version. Any way to avoid these conflicting changes? Any way to access them in the Mac client? Was there an outage on 4/17?
  6. I use Evernote on Mac, Android and Windows 7. I've recently had an issue with the Windows version on my Acer Aspire One netbook. I have a notebook with many notes inside. All notes have tables. I was adding characters into various cells on various notes at various times. When I synched with my Mac at home, I noticed several notes (with fairly large tables) had no edits saved. When I went back to the netbook, the edits were missing there too. Apparently they were never saved in the first place. Most of the notes with smaller tables had saved the edits. I shut the netbook down normally. I have never seen this problem before and this has caused me to rethink using Evernote for this purpose, or for even taking the netbook with me. Anybody else have this issue?
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