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  1. Yep - everything is good now and I got an email confirmation and a page with confirmation number. Sounds like you are looking into the error checking on the char limit. Thanks again for your timely response. I was going a little batty there trying to figure out what was going wrong.
  2. Heather- Thanks for looking into this. I think you nailed it. Word says what I pasted in was about 700 characters with spaces. I will try to be less wordy and give it a go. Greg
  3. I've spent over an hour trying to figure out how to submit a ticket through evernote.com about an issue regarding cancelling my premium billing. I've tried IE, Chrome, and FF (windows 7) and every time the page hangs with the words "Submitting a ticket..." but no confirmation onscreen or email sent. I then tried submitting directing from my iphone on LTE in case there was some issue with the corporate firewall and same hang happened there. Is this normal or something not working in the system? I've attached an image of what page its hanging on. Is there a phone number for billing issues? I am at a loss on how to contact evernote. Greg
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