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  1. Penultimate is such a great app (besides bugs when cutting and moving drawings around) but at this point having it as a separate app makes little sense. With Apple’s and third-party pencils, hand-writing is super-simple. My vision for a merge is the following: Discontinue Prenultimate as a separate product. Add a button to Evernote for iOS and Android to attach a hand-drawing item to a note. Item added this way are previewed like Penultimate notes are, and can only be edited in mobile apps using the same tool. The hand-drawing tool is the core of the current Penultimate: a multi page document editor that allows you to hand write anything and has some basic features like paper type, undo/redo, cut and move, zoom-in, and follow pen (all already in Penultimate). Benefits: Notes aren’t forced to be viewed as belonging to a Notebook Notes don’t need to be ‘read-only’ anymore, allowing for greater flexibility Any note can have hand-written content Evernote Corp. won’t have to maintain two products, but can keep current teams
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